Our Motto


Living, Loving, Learning in Christ ​​


​​Vine ~ Living​​

The Vine represents our connection with our community. Mitchelton was once a rural community with many vineyards in the area. The symbol of the living vine reminds us that we have grown strong as a learning community because we are connected by our beliefs and trust in God and our love for one another. The vine binds u​s together as one family.

The green of the vine reminds us of the growth of our school and the dedication and contributions made by many people to establish OLD as a wonderful place to learn. We remember Fr Nugent who worked very hard and played a key role in the establishment of our learning community.

Nugent House Team is named after Fr Nugent and its colour is green.​

Rose ~ Loving

The Rose reminds us that we are a community built on a loving spirit. The Good Samaritan rose was commissioned by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict to celebrate their 150 years in Australia - 1857-2007.

The community of Our Lady of Dolours continues to travel the path of the Good Samaritan Sisters by following their example of love, service and welcome. The red of the Good Samaritan rose reminds us that we are a community that supports and loves one another. It is symbolic of the wine that the Samaritan of the gospel parable poured into the wounds of the traveller. It calls us to be people who love and serve all those who come to our door.

Samaritan House Team is named after the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Sisters who founded the school in 1951 and its colour is red.

book_yellow.jpgBook ~ Learning​​

The Book reminds us that we are connected by our Catholic tradition. It brings together our values and our beliefs about God and about learning. The pages connect us with our past and allow us to be co-authors of our future.

The gold of the book reminds us of our connection with the Benedictine way of life. St Benedict calls us to be firmly committed to gaining knowledge and recognising that we are all lifelong learners - living, loving and learning in Christ.

Benedict House Team is named after the St Benedict and its colour is yellow.

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