School History

​​​​Welcome to Our Lady of Dolours Catholic Parish Primary School in the Brisbane suburb of Mitchelton.

Mitchelton is located in the Enoggera District of Brisbane’s northwest. The district is approximately 22.2km in area, with the Enoggera Military Camp taking up significant proportion of this area. According to the latest research an estimated 22,014 people live in the District (Brisbane City Council, 1998). The suburb of Mitchelton was named after Nicholas Mitchell, an early white settler. Mitchelton has a population of 5,882, made up of 2,796 males and 3,086 females, the majority being Australian born. The suburb has a higher than average proportion of people aged 60+ years and a larger proportion of people under 35 when compared to the Brisbane average.

Mitchelton has the highest proportion of people married within the District and the District has a high proportion of Catholic people. Incomes in the Enoggera District are, on average, lower than Brisbane. A low proportion of people earn over $40,000 in the suburb, however Mitchelton has the highest proportion of home ownership in the District. The Enoggera District contains 11 primary and secondary schools, of which 4 are State schools and 6 are operated by Church groups. There are two special schools, one of which is in Mitchelton.

A telegram dated 22nd January, 1951, sent to The Reverend Mother General, Good Samaritan Convent stated:
200 children awaiting opening school Mitchelton.
Decided accept two Sisters and seek teaching help for them.
School opens Tuesday 30th."
Archbishop Duhig

In 1951 Our Lady of Dolours, Catholic Primary Parish School at Mitchelton was opened with 69 children and two Sisters of the Good Samaritan. By the end of its first year, enrolments had risen to 125. This growth continued until 1957 when the new school at Grovely opened.

At present lay people committed to spreading the good news of the Gospels staff the school. An active Parents’ and Friends’ Association along with the various Committees support the school. The Parish and school enjoy a close relationship, with support from the Parish Team. The children are eager to learn and generally positive about their environment. Our Lady of Dolours School has a history of being a place where innovative practices, strategies and organisation are explored to meet particular needs of students. The size and spirit of our school easily allows for personal attention and provides opportunities for each child to shine in an environment that celebrates their achievements.