​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​School Leadership Team - 2023

Ms Tricia Howard

Assistant Principal
Religious Education
Mrs Leisl O'Brien

Primary Learning Leader
Mrs Christine Nash ​​

School Teaching Staff - 2023

Mrs Cassie Watson

Year 1
Mrs Elena Stone
Year 1
Mrs Danielle Burt
 Year 2 
Ms Alison Miles
Year 3
Mrs Amy Fisk

Year 3 
Mrs Christina Hughes
​​Year 4
Ms Rachael Collins​

Year 5
Mrs Catherine Cole

 Year 6 
Mrs Sarah Gibson

eLearning  & ICT Coordinator 
Mr Terry Madden

Physical Education 
Mr Anthony Ebbage
LOTE {​Japanese) 
​Mrs Tarnya Stock
Visual Arts
Ms Katelyn Podger

Sup​port Teacher
Inclusive Education 
Mrs Jodie Gibson​​
​​​​Guidance Counsellor 
Ms Glenda Sullivan

School Administration Staff - 2023

Administration Secretary
Monday -Thursday
Mrs Deb Allan
Administration Secretary
Mrs Kerri Wilson​

​​Finance Secretary ​
Mrs Elizabeth Diggles​
School Officers - 2023

​Prep Aide (Monday)
Mrs Helen MacWhirter
Prep Aide (Tue-​Fri)
Mrs Ann Denaro​​

Mrs Sara Lane
Mr Cormac Wentrup
Mrs Jocie Ruggieri

Mrs Pam Cramb
​Library & Marketing
Ms Anita Broome
Library (Friday)
Mrs Kylie Calcino
Defence Scho​ol Mentor
Mrs Kerri Wilson
School Chaplain
Mrs Rachel Stigter
IT Officer
Mrs Chris Skrzeczynski
​Workplace Health and Safety Officer
Mr Peter Maynard

​​Grounds Maintenance
Mr Ted Clark

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