Defence School Mentor Program


Our Lady of Dolours School is a proud participant in the Defence Transition Aide Program. This program provides support to the children and families of Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, particularly when moving in and out of a school on a posting or when a parent is absent from home.​​​​

Defence School Mentors (DSMs) are located in primary schools throughout Australia where there are significant numbers of ADF families.

The role of the DSM is to:

  • Assist ADF parents and children to become familiar with the school and its facilities.

  • Coordinate appropriate welcoming and farewelling activities for ADF children involving the school community.

  • Monitor ADF children’s personal issues such as friendship, peer groups and classroom difficulties.

  • Contribute items of interest to the school newsletter​.

  • Provide opportunities for ADF families to meet other ADF families within the school community.

  • Maintain contact with ADF families who are enrolled in the school.​


Keeping Defence Families Connected

We have at least one opportunity to gather as a Defence community each term, either through a morning tea, dinner or school event. Our Teddy Bear’s Picnics, Christmas parties and parent dinners are always well attended and aim to create supportive relationships between our Defence Families.​

Our school has very strong ties with the Defence Forces, with many in our community actively involved in the great responsibility of protecting our country. ​As a school, we are involved in many activities each year. For our Defence Students, Mrs Kerri Wilson organises Defence Club each week. Here the children participate in many varied activities and lead the school in whole-school commemoration events.

Some of our school activities

Each class makes a wreath for ANZAC Day.​

ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day are commemorated both at school and with the local community.

Students make commemorative flags.

Care Packages are compiled.​​


Sometimes we get a very close look at equipment.

Some Defence Club Activities

The Teddy Bears' Picnic

Butterfly Craft


The Bingo Challenge


Mother's Day and Father's Day craft are popular activities.

Defence Club students help to sell commemorative merchandise for ANZAC and Remembrance Days.​


Making a Welcome Home banner.

      Deployment Activity​​


When a parent is away from home, Kerri Wilson supports the children and family. In the photo above the child has made a cut-out​ of her family with bead hearts and fishing lines tying them together (the invisible string that binds us).​ Kerri also helps the children to keep the absent parent informed of what is happening in their lives at school.​​

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