Father Nugent
Parish Priest

Nugent House is named after Father George Nugent who was Parish Priest at the time the school was founded. Father Nugent was Parish Priest at Our Lady of Dolours from 1947-1998. The Nugent Resource Centre was named after Father Nugent in 2007.

Under Father Nugent's guidance the parish underwent tremendous growth, not only in the spiritual growth of its people but also in the development of the church and school buildings.

Father Nugent with altar boys

Classroom block
built in 1955

Father George Nugent

In September 1947, Father George Nugent was appointed Parish Priest at Mitchelton. Father Nugent attended the Christian Brothers' College at Rockhampton and completed his secondary studies at St Joseph's College. Gregort Terrace in 1929. He entered the Seminary at Springwwod, NSW in 1930 and after two years progressed to Manly Seminary. He was ordained in St Stephen's Cathederal on 3 December, 1935.

For a short period he looked after the parish of Laidley, then received appointments as Curate at Maryborough and Wynnum. At the outbreak of the Second World War, he was appointed Chaplian to Nudgee College and part-time Chaplain to the Airforce where he ministered to several units, espcially the ITS Unit, then at Sandgate.

Father Nugent arrived at OLD Parish in 1947. Before the school opened he arranged for a bus to transport the children of the parish to Enoggera every day. With growing numbers of children, it became necessary to open a school at Our Lady of Dolours. Money was not plentiful so building work was mainly undertaken by the men of the parish and Father Nugent himself, who worked with them.

The Infant School opened in 1951 with 69 children. By the end of the year this had rsien to 125. As the school numbers grew rapidly, soon reaching 500, there was a need for more building projects. Eventually land was secured in Dawson Parade, Grovely. The local community again took on the project and a church and school were built to relieve the pressure on Mitchelton. These buildings were blessed and opened in 1957.

Father Nugent then turned his attention to the building of a new church. His wish was for a church that could be seen from all over the parish. He certainly achieved this! Our Lady of Dolours became the first church in Australia to have a free standing altar which allowed the priest to celebrate Mass facing the people.