The Kid in the Crest

The story of The Kid in the Crest is about our kids, our school, our aspirations for the future and our vision for learning.

The Kid in the Crest values are the values that Christ was trying to make real in the lives of those with whom he lived and travelled. We are living these values when we think about what we are being asked to do every day so that we can have a more peaceful, thoughtful and just society. We believe in the compassionwisdom and justice of Christ. We strive to show these values in our actions every day.

The Kid in the Crest is a lifelong learner who uses his or her headheart and hands to:

  • get along with others,​
  • think, learn, inquire and create,
  • act to make a difference in the world.

Our Lady of Dolours Kids in the Crest are taught to be co​mpassionate, wise and just.