The First Community
at Mitchelton

The house opposite the entrance to the school in Willcocks Street is home to the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict, the founding order of the school. The sisters visit the school from time to time and are included in celebrations and liturgies throughout the year.

The Good Samaritan Way, Good Samaritan Rose and the house team Samaritan are all symbols and reminders of our past. The Good Samaritan Sisters live by the Rule of St Benedict.

Sister Mary Cletus
Good Samaritan Sister

Good Samaritan Way

The Convent

Good Samaritan Sisters

The Good Samaritan Sisters were the first women's religious congregation to be founded in Australia. In 1857they began to care for the poor and destitute of the early colony in Sydney. Later they set up orphanages and schools. Today there are more than 100 Good Samaritan communities throughout Australia. They are involved in social work, nursing, respite and residential care, education, parish work, centres of spirituality and administration. Good Samaritan Sisters are women who have committed themselves to work for justice in the world.

We are women of hope, called by God to listen with the ear of the heart. Compassion and justice are at the heart of our mission to be neighbour.

Starting Our Lady of Dolours School

When Fr Nugent came to Mitchelton in 1947 the post war building boom was about to begin and houses began to spring up. There was a need for a parish school. Having built the hall, there was little money availalable to build a school so the hall had to serve the purpose and some nuns had to be found to run the school.

Archbishop Duhig persuaded the Good Samaritan Sisters to take on this work. For the first year of the school (1951) two nuns came from Enoggera each day to teach some infant grades.

The house opposite the school in Willcocks St was secured and renovations and extensions carried out. This became the convent and was ready for the start of school in 1952. The sistesrs took up residence. The last Good Samaritan sister finished teaching at the school in 1991. The Good Samaritan Sisters still live in the convent today.