School Theme

Discovering Sacred Moments Every Day

School Theme - 2023

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This year’s theme Discovering sacred moments every day is written along the path which leads from the garden to the church. The path shows us the connection between nature and God, and how we can find God all around us in nature. 

In the foreground, students are studying the garden and enjoying the botanical and insect life they find. One is making notes while the other is taking pictures on an iPad. 'Compassion, wisdom, justice' is written on a flower to show how we can integrate these themes into everyday life, while a magpie and a possum watch on, highlighting how fortunate we are to have various wildlife around us. 
In the background, a tree stretches over the scene, providing shade for us and a home for wildlife. The Mt Coot-tha aerials are in the distance, as is the golden sun, illustrated using Indigenous-inspired design to represent the tradition owners. 

On the lawn, Jesus is sharing a healthy picnic lunch with some happy, hungry students. This reflects John 6:35 where Jesus says: "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." We see the parish priest, the Kid in the Crest and other students hurrying over to join in the feast, implying that Jesus welcomes everyone.
In the garden near them, we see the different waste and recycling bins that the school uses to educate students on the importance of being eco-friendly, even with our rubbish. There's also a bee hive and the little green-topped worm feeders that can be found in the school gardens. Some of the worms are forming the year number '2023', and curious worm friends peek out of the ground to watch on.  
The overall scene is of a happy, busy school community that incorporates respect for nature, caring for each other, a love of learning and love for God.