School Theme 2024

​​Spreading the Good News
with hearts full of hope​​

​​​​Our theme is focused on The Parable of the Sower, represented this quite literally, with a beautiful garden setting where seed is being sown on the fertile ground (the good soil).

 The students in the foreground are enjoying their time in the outdoors. On one side, an older student is tending to the garden and helping teach a prep student. They are in a field of blooming sunflowers, and these joyful flowers  bear the school's motto, Living, Loving and Learning in Christ. Winnie the Support Dog is with them, providing comfort and companionship.

On the other side, students sit under a tree with their books and iPads, reading stories, creating new content and learning.

 In the centre, there is a path stretching from the church into the garden, linking God with the students and the environment. The path is fertile ground upon which St Benedict sows some seeds, a metaphor for spreading the word of God like in the Parable of the Sower. Father Nigel is following in his footsteps, sun hat and gum boots on, ready to work. Beside him is the Kid in the Crest who is helping out by watering the new seeds with his watering can.

 The theme Spreading the Good News with hearts full of hope has sprouted from the soil on the path with baby shoots growing up around it to signify new life and growth. The word of God has found a place to grow in the open hearts of the students.

In the background, the Mt Coot-tha towers stand tall up on the mountain, while the  sun and hills are illustrated in the style of First Nations art to represent the first owners of the land. The local wildlife and insects watch over the scene, knowing that the next generation is taking good care of their home.​

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