School Theme

School Theme - 2022


  • Our poster for 2022 features the theme We come with open hearts and minds written large across the tree. The bright sun beams behind the word 'open' to emphasise the idea of being 'open for business' again after the setbacks of recent times.

  • The tree represents life, growth and strength with the boughs stretching out protectively over the school community below. It also represents the importance of the environment around us and has 'Laudato si' written in the hollow in its trunk. The hollow is heart-shaped to reference 'hearts' in the year's theme as well as to give the impression the tree has a heart and cares for us - as we must care for it too! The shape of the tree also mimics the cross to represent Jesus watching over us. 

  • The central group features students, teachers, and community members along with the parish priest. Everyone is coming together again after time apart and being welcomed back into the school. Some of the group work together to hold up the numbers 2022 - as if to say, "we can make it through this year if we all work together!" 2022 is in the bold yellow, red, and green of the school colours. 

  • In the tree, we see a student swinging alongside the Kid in the Crest. They are reminding us of the importance of fun and play for kids' mental health. The student is recording the scene in front of him with an iPad to highlight the school's use of technology in learning. 

  • There is a First Nation's representation in the bottom right corner, particularly meaningful this year as we work towards creating our Reconciliation Action Plan. .