Maths Incursion

​​​The Year Two, Five and Six classes participated in a
Maths Incursion. 

There were many activities that you could do with a variety of topics you could choose from. The Year Two class did it separately and Year Five and Six classes did it together. The maths incursion had loads of games to choose from, but the most liked game was called escape. Basically, you could do it with a partner or alone and there were two plastic chains that you put your hands in and then you had to escape! Almost half of us were able to get out but it was difficult. The instructor was very helpful and showed us how to get unstuck in the game escape. It was super funny when we saw how easy it was. She had Celeste from Year Six and Keely from Year Five as an example and let’s just say we were all very impressed. My favourite game was called ‘let me pass’ and you had to try and get the yellow frogs and the red frogs to the opposite side, but you had to count your jumps and get the least amount of jumps. There were so many topics from length, weight, time, addition and many more. Overall, the incursion was very fun, and I think every class learnt different strategies about different topics. 

Written by Kenzie and Ruby. ​​

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