Our Lady of Dolours School stays abreast of technology and offers its students a flying start in the digital world in which they will live and work. 

The school enjoys wireless connectivity throughout with a high-speed internet connection provided by Brisbane Catholic Education.

A 1:1 iPad program runs through Year 4, 5 and 6 with students developing an increasing responsibility for use and maintenance of their personal device while enhancing their learning with a multiplicity of learning technologies at their fingertips.

The computer centre in the iCentre provides a teaching space for the development of computer skills, internet searching, information literacy, multi media techniques, web expertise, online communication, sharing of work and an understanding of the importance of cyber safety. These capabilities are applied in learning situations in the iCentre, the classroom, at home and in an online world. ​

O.L.D. embraces the Technologies Curricula, both Design and Digital. Design technology is developed through integrated activities across learning areas in general classroom learning. Digital Techology is taught by a specialist teacher with all students, Prep to Year 6, working through the various strands of this Curriculum as they move through the school.

Technology in Action​

Programming Mindstorms EV3 robots with a computer 

Programming Lego Robots to solve a problem

Programming Ozobots using lines and colours​

Programming​​ Dash to play a game

Dash and Dot come to life

Using the light sensors on Ozobots


Creating interactive games with block coding

Programming with block coding

Controlling Sphero using an iPad

Creating line/colour code for Ozobots

Bee Bots go where we send them.

Programming our Bee Bots.

Coding Dash to bowl

Problem-solving using Dash