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OLD on Brisbane Kids

OLD has been successful in securing an ongoing partnership with Brisbane Kids.  The Brisbane Kids website reaches over 200,000 families per month and their Facebook page has 126,000 likers.  It has become the "go to" place for information relating to families and kids in Brisbane.  You might have seen their recent school holiday guide, which was sent home with our students a week or two ago. Check out our showcase ad on the website. We are one of only two primary schools featured on their site and it presents us with an opportunity for some terrific exposure.    

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Winter Appeal

The Year 2 students led us in an inspiring prayer about looking after the poor and marginalized and they threw down the challenge to fill a basket with socks. How wonderful would it be if every family donated one pair? That would result in 130 people with warm feet this winter!! We are also looking for donations of food, blankets and warm clothes, so please dig deep to help our local families through this cold winter.

KidsMatter Relaunch

On 3 June we celebrated our journey along the KidsMatter Program which we began in 2014. We have been working on Component One of this framework over the past 12 months, which was Building a Positive School Environment. Our students were entertained by a re-launch National News update, led by our talented Year 6 students. They then enjoyed the culinary skills of Manu Madden on the BBQ and participated in Pastoral Group activities. It was a great day and we thank the organising team.


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Cross Country

8 May was a very big day at OLD. Not only did we have a wonderful time with our grandparents at school for Grandparents Day but we followed on with our school Cross Country Carnival. Many of our grandparents stayed to cheer us on. It was worth it because they saw some amazing performances as we ran and ran as fast as we can! It was a long way to run and we showed that we do not give in!

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The Times They are a Changing (PP&M)

On 8 May we welcomed our grandparents to our school. We included them in our liturgy where some children told some great stories about their grandparents. We also showed them around our school, especially our classrooms. They were very impressed with our work. Our grandparents said they noticed some changes in schooling since they were students themselves!

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Walk for Water

On 26 March, students from Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in Walk for Water in conjunction with Caritas K’s. In their house teams, students walked laps marked out by the Year 6 Committee and had the opportunity to walk in their shoes, even if it was just for an hour. The realisation that children their own ages walk this far every day for water, is a little beyond even the adult imagination and I think it is a powerful display of solidarity among our students to those in need.

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Purple Paint and Ping Pong

A very successful Purple Day was held on 19 March. This raised $405.55 for Caritas. Great work O.L.D.! It was a fun way to raise awareness of the work of Caritas. Congratulations to Year 6 students who painted many nails purple and to the Year 5 students who managed a ‘Ping Pong Challenge’ stall for a bit of extra fun. We came dressed in purple, creating a sea of purple for the casual observer. It was just as well that the Purple People Eater was not around that day!

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Term Dates 2015-2017

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1 July: St Benedict’s Day
13 July: Term 3 begins
13 July: Opti-minds Practice 3pm
15 July: Woolworths Earn & Learn
17 July: Trivia Night
18 July: OLD Parish 50th anniv
19 July: Parish 50th anniv cont.
19 July: Year 6 to Canberra
20 July: Opti-minds Practice 3pm
23 July: Cultural Performance
23 July: Year 6 returns
26 July: Masters Sausage Sizzle
26 July: Catholic Education Week begins
27 July: OLD School Athletics Carnival
27 July: Opti-minds Practice 3pm
27 July: School Board Meeting
28 July: ICAS English
29 July: NW District Athletics 1
30 July: NW District Athletics 2
31 July: Catholic Education Mass
31 July: Social Justice Evening
3 Aug: Opti-minds Practice 3pm
4 Aug: Chatting Children Parent Evening
7 Aug: Lunch Day
8 Aug: St Mary of the Cross Feast Day
10 Aug: P&F Meeting 6pm
10 Aug: Opti-minds Practice 3pm
11 Aug: Prep Excursion to Farm
12 Aug: EKKA Holiday
13 Aug: Presentation (INESS) Yrs 4-6
13 Aug: Presentation (INESS) Parents
14 Aug: QCMF – Choir
15 Aug: Optiminds Rehearsal 10am - 2pm
16 Aug: Science Week
17 Aug: Opti-minds Practice 3pm
17 Aug: 1:1 iPad -Yr 3 parents
18 Aug: ZONE Athletics Day 1
19 Aug: ZONE Athletics Day 2
20 Aug: Science Week Activities
21 Aug: Timor Leste Day
23 Aug: Optiminds Challenge
23 Aug: Book Week begins
25 Aug: Met North Athletics Carnival 1
26 Aug: Met North Athletics Carnival 2
28 Aug: Book Week Parade
28 Aug: National Book Swap
29: Roaring 20s Dinner (P&F)
17 Aug: 1:1 iPad - Yr 4 parents
2 Sep: Indigenous Literacy Day
3 Sep: Lunch Day
4 Sep: Father’s Day Stall
4 Sep: Yr 1 to Writers Festival
6 Sep: Fathers’ Day
7 Sep: Parent Teacher Interviews begin
8 Sep: Woolworths Earn & Learn ends
11 Sep: Fizz Cultural Performance
25 Sep: Internal Review Summit
26 Sep: Last day of Term 3

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