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Following our school Festival we received feedback from a visitor to our school. She said that she couldn’t believe how welcoming everybody was, that the stall-holders treated her like a friend and were all ready for a chat. She said people smiled and said hello to her wherever she went. She finished by saying “I had so much fun – I seriously didn’t want to leave. I had no idea what an amazing little school you had hidden away there and I will definitely be back.”

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Walk for Water

Our fundraising efforts for Caritas continue to be inspirational. We are striving to break previous records. Our Year 5, 6 and 7 students participated in Walk for Water whereby they sought sponsorship from friends and family to do laps of the school carrying water.  This activity is their way of standing in solidarity with those less fortunate who have to walk for hours daily, for fresh water. Our $$$ go to Caritas.

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Purple for Solidarity

We held a Purple Day for Lent. We came to school dressed in purple. For this privilege we paid a gold coin. During Lent we are raising money to support Caritas. The Year 6/7 leaders from Benedict House were thrilled with the response and it certainly helped to boost our fundraising. Senior students ran a Nail Salon and completed the Purple Look with purple nail polish for many students and teachers.

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We swam and we swam as fast as we can!

A great day was had on Friday 7 March at the swimming carnival. Well done O.L.D. kids on your wonderful spirit of participation. Nugent House swam away with the Interhouse Sheld. Congratulations Nugent! All swimmers were at their best in both effort and spirit. Many thanks to all who contributed by way of support and assistance in so many ways. We wish our Zone Swimmers the best of luck when they compete against other schools on 18 March.

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Welcome Back Class of 2013

Look who showed up to O.L.D. on 6 March - Year 7 students from 2013! It was great to see them all in their 'big high school' uniforms - only 16 kids but they now attend 7 separate schools. They were full of great stories about life in secondary school. They had all grown taller! There was considerable natter and catching up and a great sfternoon tea was prepared by Mrs Porter and Mr Madden.

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy

We thank our Year 6/7 leaders who supported in the preparation of our Ash Wednesday Liturgy on 5 March 2014.  Their dedication and reverence during this preparation was remarkable and makes us very proud of the young people they have become.

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Active Travel Strikes up Again

Our Active Travel activities kicked off for 2014 with a fabulous breakfast at Sid Loder Park.  We had an excellent roll up and the energy walking back to school was great.  Thanks to parents and staff for supporting us. We will continue to meet at Sid Loder Park each Tuesday morning from 8:00am and hop on the Walking Wheelie Bus back to the grounds of O.L.D.

Active travel involves travelling to school in any of these ways: walking; riding; on a bus; car pooling. Get with the swing, be healthy and save on fuel and traffic congestion!

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Class Covenants

At our Prayer Assembly on 28 February each class presented their classroom visions and covenants for the year. In their Learning Together this year and living the mission of O.L.D., classes have generated excellent ideas that make real, the essence of the Kid in the Crest message to Live Love and Learn with Christ.

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Leadership Day

What a wonderful day was had by all at the Year 6 and 7 Leadership Retreat held at Mt Maria College on 11 February,. It was a fun day that focused on the call to servant leadership with Christ as our model. The students embraced the activities and discovered ways that they can strive to be of service here in our community of O.L.D. and in the broader community as well. Well done kids!

Hello Preppies!

Over three days at assembly in Week 3, the Year 5 students introduced their Prep buddies to the whole school. It's a big deal in the life of a Preppie and the buddies were so proud of themselves in welcoming the Preps to our school. Well done Year 5 and Prep!

Commissioning Our Leaders

On 7 February we celebrated our opening school Mass and Commissioning of our Year 6 and 7 leaders for 2014. They have all demonstrated positive and enthusiastic attitudes to their roles this year. We were very proud to present them with their badges as they accepted their responsibilities for 2014.

Enter the iPad

Excitement has been a plenty in the Year 5 room since the return to school this year with the introduction of our 1:1 iPad trial. The students arrived to be greeted by an iPad each. This has already led to significant changes in the way they are wotking.

First Day 2014

Two hundred excited children, their parents and their teachers all arrived on the morning of 29 January to begin our new year of Learning Together. Laden with bags of new goodies, after greeting friends not seen for a while, there was much unpacking to be done and the year began. For the first time in living memory, it was not raining!

Staff at Work on Pupil Free Days

Whilst the children were enjoying the remaining days of the school holidays the teaching staff returned to work for four days of professional development and preparation for the year. Staff began their time together with a focus on our school theme of Learning Together and reflected on its possibility for achieving great things in 2014, with a little bit of fun thrown in!





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