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The Times They are a Changing (PP&M)

On 8 May we welcomed our grandparents to our school. We included them in our liturgy where some children told some great stories about their grandparents. We also showed them around our school, especially our classrooms. They were very impressed with our work. Our grandparents said they noticed some changes in schooling since they were students themselves!

Walk for Water

On 26 March, students from Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in Walk for Water in conjunction with Caritas K’s. In their house teams, students walked laps marked out by the Year 6 Committee and had the opportunity to walk in their shoes, even if it was just for an hour. The realisation that children their own ages walk this far every day for water, is a little beyond even the adult imagination and I think it is a powerful display of solidarity among our students to those in need.

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Purple Paint and Ping Pong

A very successful Purple Day was held on 19 March. This raised $405.55 for Caritas. Great work O.L.D.! It was a fun way to raise awareness of the work of Caritas. Congratulations to Year 6 students who painted many nails purple and to the Year 5 students who managed a ‘Ping Pong Challenge’ stall for a bit of extra fun. We came dressed in purple, creating a sea of purple for the casual observer. It was just as well that the Purple People Eater was not around that day!

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Swimming Success

Our swimming carnival was held on 6 March. There were many flourishing examples of O.L.D. kids making their mark. Well done over and over again!  Congratulations also to each house on their cheering and war cry chants. Well done and congratulations to our age champs and to Nugent House, overall winners. Many thanks were due to parents, staff and all kids in the crest who worked together to produce a fabulous day.

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Class Covenants 2015

A Class Covenant is an agreed undertaking by the class about the ways that class members will think and learn, get along with and care for others and act to make a difference in the world.
in other words, how class members will be the Kid in the Crest and Make their Mark in 2015. Classes presented their covenants to the school during Week 5 of Term 1.

See our covnants here.

The Walking Wheelie Bus Returns

On 24 February we kicked off our Active Travel program for the year with a breakfast at Sid Loder Park. We had an excellent roll up and the energy walking back to school was great. Thanks to the parents and staff who supported the launch. We will continue to meet at Sid Loder Park each Tuesday morning from 8:00am and hop on the Walking Wheelie Bus back to the grounds of O.L.D. Active Travel helps the environment and our health.

The Community Comes Together

Following our School Opening Mass on 13 February, families gathered on the Green for a sausage sizzle, a chat and some fun. It was good to reunite with old friends and meet new families. Our thanks to the P&F for providing and organising this great event.

Opening School Mass

On 13 February we held our School Opening Mass at 5pm. Our Year 6 leaders very capably stepped into their leadership role and supported the Mass confidently. The Mass was followed by the blessing of the Year 6 leadership badges by Fr. Frank. Mr Davis then presented each student with their badge. Parents who will fill the 'official' volunteer positions in our school this year were also recognised. Fr. Frank led a blessing for all.










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Class Covenants 2015

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Term Dates 2015-2017

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20 May: ZONE Cross Country
21 May: ZONE XC Rain date
21 May: Yr 4 Excursion
22 May: Gala Sports
24 May: Pentecost Sunday
25 May: School Board Meeting
26 May: MET North X Country
28 May: Lunch Day
3 Jun: ICAS Science Test
5 Jun: Gala Sports
5 Jun: World Environment Day
9 Jun: Winter Appeal Begins
12 Jun: Gala Sports
15 Jun: ICAS Writing Test
16 Jun: ICAS Spelling Test
18 Jun: Fractured Fairy Tale
19 Jun: Gala Sports
19 Jun: Yr 6 Disco
20 Jun: OLD Trivia Night
22 Jun: School Board Meeting
22 Jun: Lunch Day
25 Jun: Reports & Folios home
26 Jun: Term 2 Ends

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