Lunch Days

​The Lunch Day Committee, a group in the P&F, facilitates lunch options for all students on 8-10 days each year.​​

One of our most successful and enjoyable P&F activities each year is our Lunch Days.  Our school does not have a tuckshop, so throughout the year we hold Lunch Days to give the children a treat and the parents a break!  It is also an important fundraiser for our school. 

We hold 8-10 lunch days per year and order forms are sent home with the children 2-3 weeks before each lunch day.  They return their order form and money by the due date, the orders are collated and the shopping completed, ready for our volunteers to prepare on the actual Lunch Day. If f you are looking for a way to help out at school, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to volunteer and meet other parents.

There are 3 options to assist with the Lunch Days, you might choose to​ do one or all!

Depending on numbers, volunteers are usually rostered to help on only 2 or 3 of the lunch days throughout the school year.  Volunteers are needed for:


One of the most popular menu items we offer are home made cakes/slices. If you volunteer to bake, you will need to bring a batch of individually wrapped treats to the school office by 8.30am on the Lunch Day.

Stapling forms and/or assembling hot food boxes

The lunch forms and brown bags will be sent home to you for stapling. Simply return them by the distribution date.  Alternatively, food boxes will be sent home and all you need to do is put them together! Very easy, and you don’t need an engineering degree!

Being part of the action on the Lunch Day

By far one of the best volunteer jobs you can ever do and the one we need the most.  You come along to the School Kitchen from 8.30am – 1130am and help prepare the lunch day orders.  Each Lunch Day will be run by our Lunch Day Co-ordinator who will be there to help.  It is great fun, lots of laughs and a great way to meet some of the other parents.

Wrap Free Lunch

Each term a Wrap Free Lunch is held to raise awareness of the impact of rubbish upon the environment.