Year 6 Project


The Year Six Ecological Sustainability Project is to create an edible garden. With the planting of our plants, we have been taking care of corn, parsley and beans. However, we have found that the beans have not flourished, and we needed to research how to get more nutrients into our soil so we don’t waste time and money. 

After some research we have found that a great natural way to add nutrients is to add worm castings. This is essentially worm poo. As confident Year Six learners, we have decided to take this project to a full circle of sustainability to see how we not only create our edible garden but ensure it flourishes naturally. Therefore, we came to a conclusion that we needed our very own ‘Worm Farm’. 

After researching further, we found that worm compositing reduces greenhouse gases – methane and the chemical ‘leachate’. We came to the understanding that our food scraps from throughout the day could be used in a worm farm, so they don’t go to landfill and create leachate. Through this research, we have extended our knowledge on how we can be self-sustaining and do our part help save our planet. 

With a little bit of work, we have created our own ‘Homemade Worm Farm’ from storage boxes, a tap, bricks, organic soil, newspaper and shredded paper. It was so much fun putting it together especially getting the 1000 worms out of the bag and not leaving behind any tiny worms. Now, we are on our way to create a complete nutrient rich garden bed that will hopefully be 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Completing the cycle of reducing our own greenhouse gases from the food we eat every day. ​


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