Year 5 Project

Yes, they’re back, by popular demand!

After their massively successful introduction in 2018, the O.L.D. Bin Monsters have recently reappeared around the school. 

These cute, cuddly, gorgeous, scary little creatures are continuing to do their bit to make O.L.D. an environment we can all be proud of. 

The original creator of the Bin Monsters, the brilliant Year Six student, Emily, said 

Well, the Year Six’s especially love the latest version of Bob the Binnion and Landfillosaurus. I think the Year Five students have done a very good job. When I see the new monsters, I feel like they look even crazier than the last ones! I hope that they stay around the school for many years, although I am very curious about where last year’s Monsters went to!  ​(See secret information below) 

Shhh… don’t tell Emily, but sometimes, when Bin Monsters are really, really hungry, they eat… (insert scary music)… other Bin Monsters!