Year 3 Project

In the Week Five prayer assembly, Year Three officially launched our class project of Wednesday Warriors. Our prayer assembly allowed us to showcase the importance of our project and focused on building a more sustainable future. 

Wednesday Warriors is an initiative developed to spread awareness about the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives and the impact it has on our environment. By simply posing the challenge of packing a wrapper-free lunch we are making a big difference to the world around us. 

In Year Three Wednesday Warriors works like this… 

Every Wednesday all classes tally the number of wrappers or rubbish items in their lunch boxes. This data is then collected by two Year Three Wednesday Warriors (designated through our class job list). 

The Warriors then work out the average rubbish items per student in each class. When each class average is collected, the students can see which year level has the lowest percentage. The winning class is announced each week at our Friday assembly. Recently the winners have been Year One and Year Two, with the Preps and Year Three following closely behind. It is now up to the higher years to meet the challenge! So, let’s all make a small difference for a big change! 

​Make each Wednesday a wrapper-free day! ​

Ways to pack a wrapper free lunch box: 

  • Make trays of muffins on the weekend and freeze them. 
  • Try buying a large box of snack items and divide them into small containers to stay fresh. 
  • Make your own cheese and vegie snacks by cutting up a large block of cheese and fresh vegetables. 
  • Buy a large tub of yogurt and place into small sealed containers. 

​​Here are some wonderful examples of wrapper free lunch boxes! ​