Year 2 Project

As part of our school’s focus on Sustainability, the students in Year Two are very excited to be in charge of planting and managing an edible vegetable garden bed at the front of the school. We have been lucky enough to have had our garden planted by the lovely Mrs Allan at the beginning of the school year with a variety of herbs and vegetables, in addition to flowers that will as a natural pesticide to deter insects that might like to eat our vegetables! How cool!

So far this term we have been busily discussing how we can care for our garden and what we can do with the vegetables once they grow. As a class, we are very excited to take turns in watering our garden each day and to check on the progress of our plants. 

We are already lucky enough to have a cage around our plants to keep unwanted pests out but are planning on hanging decorated CDs around the fence to deter the crows. Year Two have also decided that we would like to create signs for our vegetable patch so we can easily determine which vegetable is which. 

Like the Prep’s Worm Juice, once our crop is ready to harvest, we have decided to sell it before school for a small donation towards Project Compassion this Lent. 

This money goes towards the Caritas charity which helps people in need, both in Australia and around the world.