Year 1 Project


Year Ones are the Power Rangers! 

We are here to help you find ways to save power around the school and maybe even home as well. Year One have been talking about ways we can reduce our power usage around our school. Here are five ways we came up with: 

  1. Turn lights off when we leave the room – we have noticed that classes are pretty good at doing this at our school. Is this something you could improve on at home? 

  2. Power down devices when you are not using them – phones, laptops and iPads use up a lot of energy. If we turn them off when we don’t need them, they won’t need to be recharged as often and this will save energy. 

  3. Unplugging appliances when you’re not using them – televisions, computers and other appliances can use up energy if they are left plugged in. If they use a remote control, they are using electricity too. Try and unplug things you are not using, 

  4. Keep the door closed when the air conditioner or heater is on – heating and cooling is expensive and keeping the classroom door closed can cut down on energy usage. If the door is open it lets air escape which makes the air conditioner or heater work harder. 

  5. Use timers to turn things on and off – you can set a timer on appliances or use a timer that plugs into the device you are using that will turn it on and off at the time you set. Sometimes turning devices on and off is hard to remember so this would help. They are cheap to run and save energy as well! ​​