QC Cup

​​​Queensland Catholic School Netball Association

On 21 May Year 5 and Year 6 competed in this event. These are their reports.

Year 5

The Year 5 team competed in the 10/11 Division B5 round robin and had a great day. The team played eight games and demonstrated huge improvement as the day progressed. During the event they had five wins, one draw and two losses. Throughout the day the children showed great team work, resilience and persistence to take on every challenge. They also demonstrated good sportsmanship and simply had a fun day playing netball with their team mates. They also got some words of wisdom from two Firebirds players who spent valuable time with the students, sharing stories and signing autographs. It was a wonderful opportunity for the kids and they learnt so much during the day as they improved their netball skills due to repeated game play and guidance from umpires and coaches.

Year 6

The Year Six girls participated in the Queensland Catholic School Netball Competition on Monday 21 May. The girls had a wonderful day building and sharing their skills and knowledge of the game of netball with each other and had fun playing against other schools from all over Queensland. One team they played came all the way from Murgon. The Year Six team played seven games with one win by forfeit, one draw and five losses. They worked well as a team, supporting each other all the way and continued to build confidence in themselves as the day went on. They were able to meet a couple of Firebirds players which helped keep them motivated for the last couple of games. Special trips to the Snow Cone stall were also memorable moments. The girls left the day feeling absolutely exhausted and still had smiles on their faces from the fun thay had. Well done girls!