Zone Athletics

Congratulations to the 51 boys and girls who represented OLD School in the Zone 4 Track and Field Carnival on 29 and 30 August. This event, held over two soaking-wet, sunny, cold, windy, roasting-hot days, was a massive success. We witnessed example after example of our students Soaring to Success. As well as a number of excellent individual and team performances, we saw astonishing levels of persistence, kids getting along with one another, growth mindsets, setting goals, rising to challenges. ​ Our pride and appreciation is summed up in the following email sent to the school by a very proud OLD parent:

THANK YOU to Duncan, Katherine and Anthony for their hard work this year with our children in the space of cross country and athletics preparations for our Carnivals and Zones.

 Our Seniors did so well at Zones and our teachers played a big part in the results that were achieved.

 The extra hours, walks to and from parks, training sessions and support were on display in fine form with so many of our OLD children coming in with placings and proudly fist pumping themselves and high fiving each other for their performances – it was a great day, I'm so glad I took the day off to be there, albeit I've almost completely lost my voice from all the cheering.

 A great lesson for our children - regardless of the size of school they belong to, success is not out of their reach if they're willing to work for it and have the support around them to believe it and achieve it.

Very proud OLD mum.​