Swags for the Homeless


We are raising money for the Swags for the Homeless​ campaign. On 31 July, 2019, our Year Six Social Justice Group demonstrated the swags at our assembly. These swags are water and wind-proof, fire-retardant and very light-weight. They include storage pockets and a full mosquito net, as well as a sleeping pad and headrest. Also known as Backpack Beds, for obvious reasons, the swags fold up into an easily carried, normal-looking backpack, providing shelter and security whilst upholding the dignity of the user. Please get behind this important fund-raising and give the gift of dignified sleep to those who most need our support. ​

​And there's more...​

Oliver did just that. He is passionale about the plight of homeless people and was struck by the recent drive to raise money for swags for the homeless. He worked very hard to research the organisation and decided to raise money himself to support the organisation. Great work Oliver!

The collective contributions of OLD School and Oliver's dedication to his cause are recognised here:

Backpack Bed for Homeless, Australia​ Facebook

The Catholic Leader, 13 October 2019. p.22