Preppies and Pancakes


On Ash Wednesday we began the season of Lent. It is an important time leading up to Easter. In the past we would choose something to 'give up' for the period of Lent. This year, at OLD School we are goimg to strive to 'do more'. Our Year Six Leaders will guide us in various initiatives throughout Lent to do more for others. ​

Each of us as individuals can also do small things so that others benefit from our actions. These actions do not need to be grand. In fact, if we choose something small and achievable, the probability of sustaining this for the Lenten period is significantly enhanced. This could be something as simple as smiling, complimenting others, showing appreciation or saying only positive things about others. These very simple habits, if practiced en masse, would contribute to a very positive culture. We will be encouraging the students to give some thought to the small actions they might take.

Each year, on Shrove Tuesday, the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday, we follow the tradition of enjoying pancakes. Here are some of our Preppies (and one more) demonstrating this skill!