New Zealand Visitors

​​​​​Excellent Learning and Teaching

On 26 February, 2019 we were afforded the privilege of welcoming a team of educators from New Zealand to share our work in teaching and learning here at Our Lady of Dolours. While we were honoured to be asked to showcase our school and so were obviously aware of the visit, we pride ourselves on authenticity of practice. The engagement in learning our visitors saw and highly complimented, was not artificial or enhanced as a showcase, it is visible daily in our classes. 

The leadership team were so proud of the students and our staff for the quality of the learning on display. We have a very clear and focussed direction for teaching and learning in our school community. This is carried out through the diligent application of our staff and the students, not just to the curriculum, but to precision pedagogy which is planned and reviewed regularly. You can see some photos from the visit below. ​

Talking about our learning