​​​​Beyond the Classroom

OLD Students have been out and about and some welcomed some very different visitors.

Prep and Year 1 at Travena Glen Farm

The tractor ride was a massive highlight. The children fed a donkey, a pair of massive pigs, goats, and alpacas.They held a guinea pig and were able to pat chickens, rabbits and sheep. They explored the inside of eggs using a torch and looked at the difference between alpaca and sheep wool. The different types of weeds were explained, along with seeds. They were educated about the role of the guinea fowl, the difference between alpacas and llamas, the rotation of animals using the farm map, restrictions on rabbits in Queensland, the discovery that particular animals only have a set of bottom teeth, and the need for electric fencing.


Years 2 and 3 at Ngutana Lui

On 11 November, students in Years Two and Three visited Ngutana Lui, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre. They participated in dot painting, storytelling, dance, face-painting, and boomerang throwing while learning many new things about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. 

Cold-blooded Visitors at OLD

In Week 6, Term 4 students in Prep and Years 1, 4 and 6 spent some time getting to know a few special cold-blooded visitors. The children got up close and personal with a variety of reptiles, including a crocodile, a trio of pygmy bearded dragons, and a black headed python. ​​​