Catholic Education Week

​In our Catholic schools, we are about educating the whole child. We are as concerned about assisting you, as parents, to prepare citizens who will have a positive impact on our community and world, as we are about developing academic knowledge. We never make the claim of being better than other school systems, but we do proudly claim to be different. Our Catholic Identity is an important part of who we are. ​

This year the theme is: Discovering New Horizons.  ​

There are many things we can celebrate during Catholic Education Week. It is what we do every day in shaping and guiding children to live, love and learn in Christ, that is high on that list. ​During CEW the students were involved in random acts of kindness, letter box drops around our community, and postcards to our Defence Force members who are away from their families. Sometimes a simple kind gesture, such as these  can make a huge difference in peoples’ lives. ​

Coffee for our community in CEW