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Athletics 2011

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Faster - Higher - Stronger ... and Fitter at OLD

Report by Isabel, Year 5

run.jpgOn Tuesday 9th August 2011, all students participated in our annual Athletics Carnival. It was a beautiful day at Mitchelton High School, and our day started with a big warm up followed by the 200m sprints.

The Preps, Year 1’s and 2’s were next, followed by the relays. Over the whole day we had High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and more sprints. We also played some Game Factory games and the 1’s and 2’s played Tunnel Ball, Captain Ball and Leader Ball. We had a barbecue lunch which was great.

Congratulations to Samaritan who were the Champions this year. Benedict and Nugent provided great opposition. Thank you to Mitchelton High School for letting us use their oval. Thanks also to all of the parents for supporting us at the Carnival. Some students will now go on to the Zone Carnival at Marist College

In the pursuit of our personal best we learn that victory comes not from beating others but from being better than we were before.
 Wilson McCaskill (The Game factory)

samaritan_wins.jpg age_champs.jpg
Congratulations Samaritan - Winning House Age Champions
active_travel_cup.jpg finish.jpg
Active Travel Trophy - Benedict House We can do it - yes we can - and we all did!