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What is symmetry?
Lessons in symmetry. Symmetry in nature.
Tessellation Town
In a far away land you will find a town on an island where everything fits together. Every night the town turns into a stack of puzzle pieces. Every morning the town needs to be rebuilt, piece by piece.
Symmetry game
This game will test your understanding of symmetry. You will be shown a shape and you have to tell the computer how many lines of symmetry it has.
Photos showing symmetry
Photographers love to photograph symmetry.
Line Symmetry Game
Challenge your friends to recreate the pattern you create on the other side using the screen, a data projector, smart board technology or an interactive whiteboard.
Symmetry sort
How many lines of symmetry does a square have? Find out this and more in this symmetry sorting activity.
Rotational symmetry
Create your own symmetrical design.
Reflective symmetry
See the lines of symmetry in shapes. Extend to see more lines of reflection.