Maths Activities - Place Value

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Birmingham grid for numbers
Build numbers: whole; 1 decimal place; 2 decimal places; 3 decimal places. Check your answer.
Place value game
Create the largest possible number from the digits the computer gives you.
Place value - value of a digit's place in a number.
Select from a range of interactive activities. Includes a tutorial.
Place value to 100 000s
It is important to understand which numeral in a number represents the tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. Practise identifying these numerals.
One false move - order numbers
Order numbers lowest to highest or highest to lowest. Three levels.
Make numbers using blocks of tens and units
Add or take away blocks to make a given number.
Catch ten - build sets of 10
Click on moving blocks of 1, 2, 3 or 4 cubes to build groups of 10.
Mystery picture - 3 digit numbers
Match 3-digit numbers with their text form to make a picture.
Rounding numbers - tens
Rounding makes numbers them easier to work with in your head. If you do not need an exact number, you can round a number to make things simple.
Rounding numbers - Who wants to be a place value master?
Round numbers to complex place values.