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Count the seahorses
Count the number of seahorses that the mermaid calls out. Click the correct number on the seahorse to set free.
Counting 1-10
Learn to count objects as you count between 1-10 objects in this game. Make the thermometer go up with each correct answer.
Counting 1-10
Join the dots to make a picture. Count by 1s and 2s.
Counting by 1s and 2s
Join the dots to make a picture. Count by 1s to 50 and 2s to 100.
Count backwards by 1s from 20
An interactive join-the-dots game to reinforce counting backwards from 20. Numbers are spoken to reinforce number recognition.
Number order
Put numbers in order from the smallest to the largest. Many levels to choose from in this interactive maths game.
Recognise odd and even numbers
Learn odd and even numbers as you paint by numbers.
Mallard Maths - click on odd and even numbers
Chose from even numbers, odd numbers, primes, multiples of 3 and 7, squares, powers of 2. If you're feeling really mathematical, test your wits with the random selection.