Year 6's Edible Garden

As the Year Six cohort, we have entered our sustainable gardening opportunity with open minds and great enthusiasm. We have had some amazing highs with planning which fruit and vegetables and even herbs to plant, researching how to take care of them, and purchasing our plants with major consideration to sister plants (which plants grow well together). We also knew we had to be realistic with an understanding of what fruit and vegetables we would actually use and eat after putting such effort into our garden. 

Our garden was producing great lettuce, tomatoes and even corn, however; this high was short-lived with a resident possum eating pretty much all of our produce over a couple of weeks. This was a great disappointment. 

This set-back didn’t dampen our spirits entirely though, with our fruit trees and rosemary on our balcony growing extremely well. Our Lemon, Lime and Orange trees are already producing flowers and small fruit. This is great to continue our knowledge of how we can be self-sustainable with the production of our own food with minimal impact upon on the environment. 

To move forward from the disappointment of the possum eating our vegetables a new plan was put in place, with the support of Mrs. Allan. Over the last holidays, she constructed a protective cage over the vegetable garden and replanted a variety of vegetables. So far, so good, with the possum not getting in and literally ‘making a meal’ out of these garden beds. ​