Year 3 Wednesday Warriors

As part of our school’s sustainability projects, Year Three students are involved in Wednesday Warriors. Each Wednesday we encourage students to bring a ‘Nude Food’ lunchbox to try and reduce the amount of rubbish we bring to school. Lots of families have started to carry this over onto other days of the school week too. The Year Three students visit each class on Wednesday to get their rubbish count and how many students are in each class that day. We then work out who has the lowest percentage of rubbish that week and award them the Wednesday Warriors trophy ​at Friday afternoon assembly.

One Year Three student decided to take it a step further and, as an extra project, creates graphs each week to show the school how each class is going and how the school is going overall with their rubbish totals.

There are some easy ways to help us out and make your lunchboxes rubbish free. Why not try:​

  • Buying biscuits and chips in bulk and separating them into reusable containers

  • Buying bigger tubs of yoghurt and sharing it into reusable containers

  • Stop using zip lock bags or plastic wrap and put things into reusable containers instead

  • Choose packaging that can be recycled