Year 1 Power Rangers

The Year Ones have been looking at ways we can reduce our power output. We are turning the lights off when we are not in the classroom. We are ensuring that the air-conditioner is only being used if it is necessary and, instead, we have fresh air flowing through open doors and windows where possible. We have also suggested when the air-conditioning is being turned on that it should be at 25 degrees Celsius in order to work efficiently. ​

In the future we hope to make posters for classrooms to serve as a reminder to turn lights and air conditioning off. We will also be looking to have some Year One students patrol the classrooms during break time to ensure lights are off and doors are shut. ​

We all need to be in this together. 

While saving a few dollars and a handful of kilowatt hours on your electricity bill every month may not seem like a huge deal in itself, the savings grow large very rapidly when many people join the movement. ​More information..

Why is it important to keep the air conditioner at 25 degrees Celsius? 

When the air conditioner is set at 25oC it will cycle on for 70% of the time. On-cycling will increase as the air conditioner temperature is lowered until, when set at 20oC, the air conditioner will cycle on for 100% of the time. ​More information...​