Nurture and Nourish

Nurture and Nourish in Nineteen​​

Much more than our environment alone is out theme for 2019 of

Nurture and Nourish in Nineteen.

​​The words Nurture and Nourish  came out of a full day of staff reflection. While we value achievement, particularly in our academic learning, growth is what we want to encourage in ourselves, others and our community in 2019. 

Our core values of compassion, justice and wisdom can all be nurtured and nourished. Our Catholic faith can be nurtured and nourished through prayer and worship, social justice and many other ways in order to deepen and grow.

We can continue to aspire to be the Kid in the Crest, living, loving and learning in Christ through nurturing and nourishing, in ourselves and each other, the keys to success of confidence, persistence, resilience, organisation and getting along.

Finally, our school has a commitment to respect our earth and to build a sustainable future. Our 2019 theme invites both a personal and communal application to projects small and large, which value our earth and education of a generation who will nurture and nourish it into the future.

“It is in giving that we receive" – Francis of Assisi​​