Mission Statement

​​​​Our Mission ​With Christ as the way, the truth and life we strive to be a positive and welcoming place where everyone is encouraged and taught to Care, Think and Act. The school motto - Living, Loving and Learning in Christ encapsulates the spirit and mission of Our Lady of Dolours School. Our mission is to be The Kid in the Crest who is a lifelong learner who practises compassion, wisdom and justice, using his or her head, heart and hands to:

  • get along with others
  • think, learn, inquire and create
  • act to make a difference n the world.

At Our Lady of Dolours we:

  • build on the traditions of the past and plan for the future,
  • provide a flexible curriculum which acknowledges that children have different talents and varying needs,
  • keep children at the heart of our endeavours.