Living Our Story

​​​Our chosen the​​me for 2021 is, Living our Story.​

Our choice of annual theme must be one that relates to our Catholic Identity, our learning, our relationships and well-being and our commitment as stewards of the environment.

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​Catholic Identity

 O.LD is a Marian school following our patron Mary, Mother of Jesus, and is based on the teachings of St. Benedict and the Good Samaritan Sisters, who founded the school. Our story is lively and evolving. We stand on the shoulders of those before us as we add our own flavour to the evolving story.

Our story is similar to a book with many chapters. It encompasses our history built on our Catholic Identity, formed by our patrons - St. Benedict, the Good Samaritans and Our Lady of Dolours. The important story of the relationship between the parish and the school is integral to our identity. The Gospel stories and the story of The Kid in the Crest have also influenced our living story. Over and above the story of those who have directly influenced our community here at Mitchelton, is the greatest story of our faith. The story of Jesus which is central to all Catholic schools and parishes is at the heart of our motto, Living, Lovi​ng and Learning in Christ.


 Our learning story is influenced by our parents as our first educators and then the various staff who have been part of our individual learning journeys. There is a story around our WOWS or ways of working as learners at O.L.D. There are ways in which we work which mean we are consistent with other learners in B.C.E and across the state and country. There are also unique ways of working defined by our membership of our own community here at Mitchelton. This year we will highlight and enhance this story so that each of us can set and strive towards individual goals as we continue to be lifelong learners into the future.

Relationships and Well Being

Our relationship stories are built on a collaborative and supportive culture. An historical narrative exists, highlighting our parents and staff working in partnership for the benefit of the children. This theme emerged very clearly at our staff day on mission and vision. Our staff invest considerable time in the personal and social capabilities of the curriculum, emerging the children in teachings and language around Acting responsibly, Being respectful and Striving to achieve, using the Five Keys to Success. This learning is intended to ensure quality relationships within our school community and beyond.

Stewards of our Environment

 The Laudato Si story leads our journey through integral ecology as we all learn to be the best possible stewards of our environment. Guided by the grounding work of Pope Francis in 2015, we have created a story which commenced in 2017 of embedding a philosophy and practices both here and in our homes in order to respect our earth and preserve it for the future. This story will continue its next chapter in 2021​​​