Embrace the Challenge

​​​Embrace the Challenge in 2020

We will again strive to achieve successful academic outcomes in 2020, to build relationships and strengthen our Catholic Identity and a sustainable future. While doing so, our mission, values and keys to success will be ever so important as we work within a building and construction program. ​

Our school theme for 2020 is, Embrace the Challenge. This theme is aligned very well to our sustainability goals but is not exclusive to them, It applies both to our year’s goal and our building program. There is no doubt that we will need to embrace the challenges which present with a building program. A growth as opposed to a fixed mindset will definitely be required. This theme, however, is much broader than our building program. ​

We also embrace as we always do, the challenges which come with improving our learning, our core business as educators. Our Catholic Identity provides us with challenges as we aim to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, to learn from the teachings of our school patrons, and to use wisdom to treat others with compassion and justice. Maintaining and sustaining the work we have achieved in building a sustainable future requires us to embrace this challenge.

In addition to each of these major goals to which we are dedicated, our 2020 theme allows us to look at challenges which present themselves daily with our friends, our teachers and indeed, our families. Importantly, the keys to success and our school rules of Act Responsibly, Be Respectful and Strive to Achieve, all fit well within this theme of embrace the challenge. ​

Our staff is spending time with our students on the importance of the word, embrace. Challenges will always be there. The word embrace encourages us not to avoid these but to take them on with energy and commitment. ​

Embrace the Challenge!​